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So, CCDC practice yesterday, competition at state level on February 18th. Things are moving along, should be an interesting time again this year. We (and I) have learned some things over the past year, that should hopefully improve our performance.

ProxMox VE, how did I not know about this earlier? Completely avoided my detection. Work has asked that I do some research on both ProxMox and oVirt. I can say so far, that ProxMox makes handling VMs so much easier than ESXi. In addition, while I haven’t done the testing yet, the videos of operations show some great stuff for high availability, shared storage, LVMs, backups, and other key features. I look forward to finding out how oVirt handles many of these same issues.

ShmooCon is coming up, and while I was invited, financially it is not entirely feasible at the moment, plus the time I would have to be off work, and the travel. So apologies to my good friend Georgia, but I will be with you in spirit.

Security wise, it was sure interesting to find out that Microsoft Security Essentials failed the A/V test. Interesting, but not surprising at all.