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While overall the unemployment rate is hovering around 8% (don’t even get me started on that fallacy, the unemployment rate only measuring those that are collecting benefits and not including those who have fallen off the roles at the unemployment offices either due to exhausting their benefits or giving up), in the Info Sec job market, there are very few candidates.

As detailed in the following article, there is a huge demand for people with selected skill sets

The United States Army for example is aggressively pursuing professionals for work with its “Cyber Brigade” ( In fact the hiring efforts of government agencies such as the military, NSA and others makes it just that much harder for traditional employers to compete and hire valued employees.




DerbyCon 2.0 ‘The Reunion’

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Uncategorized


What a weekend. Let’s see, the presentation was well received. I didn’t have a huge room, and it was early on Saturday after everybody partied on Friday night. Morning talks are notoriously slow at conferences. That being said, those in attendance felt my message had value.

It was fantastic being part of the ‘Reunion.’ Last year our little conference raised over $13000 for hackers for charity (go visit This year we raised $30001. A massive improvement. HD Moore blew everyone’s mind again. The organizers managed to create an environment about sharing, caring, and improving the situation in InfoSec. I was seriously honored to be part of it. The theme this year could be summed up as ‘family.’ That was the vibe, we were all family.

Georgia’s presentation on the Smartphone Pentest Framework was mind-blowing. Great research. More to think about.

Jayson Street hit some of the same points that I made back at BSides Cleveland in my talk there. Ben Mauch (@ben0Xa) hit on it even more and had some very nice derivatives. There was also a James Hamblin from Missouri who does the security for their capital building. He also hit some of the same topic and had derivative methods on improving security awareness.

Visit and watch the videos that he and his team did an amazing job of recording and putting up.

Up next should be a local presentation for the town I live in, and then we are organizing a conference for Fort Wayne.

Thrilling times ahead, I love the industry I find myself in now.