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In two days, Saturday the 10th, I am registered for a Linux conference in Ohio. Ohio LinuxFest 2011. I hope to learn new things and be exposed to a larger Linux world while I am there. That being said the first meeting of IvyLUG is next Tuesday. Cliff Garwood and I were approached by Brian (DC, Instructror, Mentor) to start a Linux users group on the Fort Wayne Ivy Tech campus. We have approached this with gung-ho enthusiasm. The website for the group is
At the end of the month I am registered for DerbyCon in Louisville. I am treating this as a wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the great people in the IT security world. I look forward to meeting them and absorbing whatever information they are willing to share. Brian (again) is also attending DerbyCon. I tried convincing some of my CCDC teammates to attend but they were unwilling.
Recently, (the week it came out), I purchased Dave Kennedy’s book on Metasploit. It is a fantastic work! Since Dave is one of the cofounders of DerbyCon along with Adrian Crenshaw, I hope to have Dave sign my book while I am there. Along with any others from the Metasploit project that I can find. I know that Rafael Mudge and Carlos Perez both are presenting at DerbyCon and I am hopeful that I can add their signatures as well.
Regardless of anyone else, it is my firm belief that continuous learning is necessary to grow and move forward. In my chosen field to remain stagnant and resist further learning seems negligent to me.


Presenting to the ISSA

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Two weeks ago today, I presented to the Fort Wayne ISSA chapter. I did a presentation on Social Media. Specifically, I talked about Facebook. The presentation actually lasted longer than I thought it would. I think it went pretty well. There was some good discussion afterwards.

A week from this Saturday, I am heading down to Columbus for Ohio LinuxFest. Then at the end of the month I am going to DerbyCon in Louisville. I look forward to both those excursions. The learning never stops, and there is lots to learn!